"Y’all Know"

[Intro: Bootleg (Dayton Family)]
What's up C-Mob
Dayton Family talk all motherf**king day n***a
Marion, Indiana
Flint Michigan
But at the end of the motherf**king day there's one thing I want y'all to know

[Hook: Dayton Family] (x4)
Y'all n***as know not to f**k with us (x3)
Y'all n***as know (x2)

[Verse 1: Bootleg (Dayton Family)]
I wish a n***a would (would)
Step on my new Lebron (who?)
James tennis shoes
b*t*h I'mma act a fool (act a fool)
Cause I'm a silly n***a (uh huh)
Hoe I don't give a f**k (f**kk)
I transform F-150 to a Mack truck
Bootleg I've been a boss (boss)
Hey b*t*h I'm boss official (uh-huh)
This ain't a pistol in my pocket it's a f**king missile (5-4-3-2)
Hoe I'm a Dayton dude (Dayton dude)
Fresh off the Dayton air (Dayton air)
On air trans with my man, kilo's in the bag
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