"Mass Murderer"

[Hook: Slikk]
Mass murderer
M-mass murderer
M-mass murderer -urderer
Mass murder murderer
Mass murderer, murderer
M-mass murderer (x2)
Mass murderer

[Verse 1: Slikk]
I'm the n***a with the mask on my face
Hopping out the shovel in my hand and my K
If a n***a hating on my clan I'mma spray
I'm all about my money and demanding my pay
And I don't give a damn let the man-witches hate
I got a 12-gauge and it's commanding your fate
So n***as say they always stand the ham that you weigh
And get your n***a before I send his ass to his grave
The plans to erase
The enemy while he's sipping on Hennessy
I'll sleeping to brigade all my energy
When I wake up I finish you
Got murderous tendencies and I bust it like [Icory?] when I''m on the scene I'm seeking em and coming with [nstancy
I'm simply the villain ready for killing
Even when chilling I'm feeling like leaving n***as jiggly from blood spilling their guts
Sipping on the hip of Hen again to get em in
There's already adrenaline pumping through my blood
{?] and I'm done giving n***as second chances
Now it's time for me to do a little bit of damage
c*ck back the hammers
Blow a pu**y n***a and his whole motherf**king crew off of the planet
Wrapped in a bandage
f**k all y'all bandits
And I leave the murder scene looking outlandish
Then I'mma vanish
Chuck up the deuce and the middle finger cause I'm not giving a damn
I'm feeling like a mass-murdering n***a with my finger on the trigger ready to pistol-whip your under the bullets come and get your hotty
You figured you really done a n***a slit
I murder a n***a to go and f**k a n***a b*t*h
End up with a b*t*h, a n***a real stressed out
I put a TECH out and blow a n***a chest out
This sh*t in my hand'll make a n***a check out
With your vest out
Then it's on to the next high
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