"Catch Me In the Streets"

[Hook: Flo Dawgs]
You could catch me in streets (streets)
Posted on the block (block)
Serving MJ's serving time around the block
You can catch me on the corner (corner)
Clapping 24s (twenty-fours)
Reeling on them b*t*hes slamming Cadillac do's (lac do's)
Catch me in the hood (hood)
Where I do my thang (thang)
And everybody in the hood know a n***a name (yeah)
Catch me anytime, in the zone, in the [sided?]
Rep the set
Gripping wood with that thing in the ride (in the ride)

[Verse 1: Flo Dawgs]
I'm in the street all day like a highway divider
Divide with a b*t*h that look just like she Myеr (myer)
These n***as call mе Siah, but King in my zones (zones)
World in set but calling shots in my throne
You can tell it in my tone
Or maybe it's the swag (swag)
To keep these hoes shoes and then them haters staying mad (mad)
I'm posted in the lab, better known as the kitchen (kitchen)
I gotta be a phone a way a n***a sell chickens (yeah)
No matter where I go, you know I got a plug (plug)
Just put your order in as specific on the drug (n***a)
A inventory specialist my warehouse stocks (stocks)
But I'm getting lower funds and sh*t been loaded off the docks
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