"Slow Motion"

[Intro: Slikk & Seldom C]
sh*t f**king smoke this motherf**ker
Smoke one n***a
Y'all n***as ready to get this sh*t?
Drink it

[Hook: Slikk & T-Rock]
Purple codeine make em mix it with the sprite (sprite)
I chief all day (day)
I drink all night

[Verse 1: Slikk]
But you know about that sh*t that'll have you seeing life in slow motion
Keep it rolling
Do whatever you smoking and they keep on choking
It'll keep yo boat floating
But it got me seeing thangs
I'm surrounded by demons
I'm tweaking
And grabbing my piece and chain
I'm on the hydroplane
Feel like I'm in the matrix
But Mary got me paranoid so you won't catch me say sh*t
And you don't wanna play with that kush sh*t it get you gone
n***a leave me alone
Quite calling my phone
I'm in the f**king zone
Go get your own I ain't passing it today
I'm just cheefing on that hay by my loaded
Get up out my way
I don't got no time to waste
Mary take me to that place
Where each and every one of my surroundings move around me at a real slow pace
I'mma blaze till it burn down to my fingertips
Then I'mma get a whole bottle of Goose for myself and right then I'mma drink that sh*t
Think that's it
Nah motherf**ker I got more weed coming in the kit
Keep drumming n***a hoe
Don't do something you will miss
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