Kanye West

"Side Bar Take Over Freestyle"

f**k the Side Bar, wanna be try hards
You dudes nice but can't f**k with my bars
Punk ass trick dissin 3 7th chamber
Hope it was worth it cause your ass is in danger
Dont wanna make me angry, dont wanna get me started
R.I.P. to these phonies, dearly departed
Snakes in the grass, wheres the lawn mower?
Some say Im like Shady, Im ready for the encore
I bomb whores, better yet faggots
You think you tough behind the web, you can still get your ass kicked
Bumpin Ether, NY state of mind, Illmatic
I kill faggots but Im not talking about the gay sense
If it dont make money, it dont make sense
I have you dudes shook on the book like J. Prince
Call me James Bond cause Im sniping all you double agents

37 chamber, running this rap sh*t
A tribe called clout, running this rap sh*t
Jack Grady, running this rap sh*t
Side Bar, all you fags can suck on a fat d**k

Verse 2: John Pate, this dude is beyond fake
You d**kride Kendrick then bash on Drake
Not really a fan but what a contradiction
Send any of ya best mens at me, no competition
You sheep ass dudes all in your feelings
Now you mean muggin, got you ice grillin
But you have to admit, a brothers on the mic killin
Hating on the kid like you dont like children
Your group is bigger, so what
You still bitter over something petty, grow up
May not be sh*t now but Im a blow up
I may be off the rocker but Im bout to go nuts
Never once disrespected yall but you had to put my name in it
You say you hatin but you are, lame b*t*hes
You can never hang with us, top of the class
Im a do you like Jay did Dame, Im droppin yo ass
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