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Kanye West

"Can’t Tell Me Nothing"

[Verse 1]
If I don’t make it to Heaven, hope my loved ones get to have it
Working seven days a week; it’s hard obeying the Sabbath
Back and forth with what Christ is. I been advising my vices
Been left and right with the righteous. My spirit and life in a crisis
Been writing from the blood of my heart and I can’t afford to waste the ink
With the little time on this Earth I have, you think I give a f*ck what you think?
Never took no vacation. meditating, annotating
Getting ovations in locations I vocation. It’s invigorating
Been assimilating faces from my immediate rotation
How come you ain’t know (U N O) you the U-N-O that’s facing elimination?
It’s wild how n*ggas pull your card and draw that .4 on you
But n*ggas always been good bout playing the hand they dealt
Never needed a Jesus piece to deliver that Jesus peace
Never needed a Polo tee to get that lady ass on me
They say, “Chris Ray, why don’t you light up?”
Cause I always had that shine, bruh!
Born in the heart of a city where breakfast can be a hollow tip
Born in the state of Mississippi. Thank you for that holla, T.I.P
Bring ‘em out. Bring ‘em out. Tryna see what they about
Called ‘em out. Called ‘em out. But they nowhere to be found
People wear ski masks in this state where snow barely be
That’s because they always living cold up in these streets
On a n*gga hip, you gone always find some heat
And they don’t mind warming the block up 500 Degreez
Killing each 94, CPT, DET, movies on BET, B-M-O-R-E or Mississippi
Make a man that don’t gang, gang wanna bang, bang
Feel strange toting them thang thangs
But ready to make them bullets rang rang
Don’t normally carry a gat but he feels he’s forced to do that
Justifying actions to momma like, “I gotta keep this on my belt
Can’t let a pus*y push me to death without standing up for myself.”

[Verse 2]
I’m tryna make life easy for my dad and mother
I know momma don’t know that they could’ve killed my brother
I pulled the trigger on my head, not knowing the safety on
How you correct a kid that’s only 12 years old?
At 13, I got baptized. Really thought my life was over
Now, I’m hearing it could be much better in a Range Rover
But that just give me nice leather to splat my blood on
This is just a fraction of how I think when I’m alone
It could be a million naked women in my room, I’m still not getting along (a long)
It’s 8 billion people on this Earth and I know I got no clone
This not the project to tell the day I was drinking hydrocodone
This the project to tell the days I was drinking hydro from hoes
That was only once and never again
But I realize that could’ve been my only “Once and never again.”
n*ggas out here using hearts to pull out and nut on
And I’m looking at n*ggas shife like I ain’t done no wrong
When I can’t lie: I done tried and I done did
And I don’t feel no kinda bad, no. Not even for swallowed kids
Laying on the covers in front of her sleeping kids at the foot of the bed
While they momma sitting there swallowing kids. She Gave immaculate head
I could’ve added to the family but her throat performed abortion
And on that same day, two other women got a portion
So I flip to Revelations; Start music to drown neighbors
Polishing myself before the scrolls, horses, trumpets
Angels from the four corners. The fallen rises among us
I know I been living in sh*t but I used my last to buy this plunger
What I’m drinking is never Everclear cause life was never ever clear
If I go to sleep, I feel that death is near
It’s funny, though, 'cause death is not something I feared
It’s honestly not knowing whether life after death will really appear

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