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Kanye West

"Freestyle with Forbes 03"

I am sorry to God because dirt is actually a negative word
It's Earth, this is Earth, this is Earth
This is God's turf, let's show 'em what we worth
Let's do a rebirth, this is unrehearsed
Hold up, let me talk first, it's way been worse
Reach into your purse, shoutout to Damien Hirst
We don't need to go berserk, they try to put our mind to work

They try to influence the hurt, tell me, what's the purpose?
Look at all the perks, I was addicted to Percs
Drug addiction, for the Devil, it works
Look at all the j*rks, now we make it hurt
Nah, now we make it love, God up above
Nah, nah, now we free, all we could be
Yeah, yeah, I could see, now they can see, yeah, yeah
We free
I told ya I could catch a vibe on this
I think you've got, I think you've got your campaign song there
Oh, we got more than that, we got way more
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