Kanye West

"Nah Nah Nah Remix (Extended)"


[Verse 1: DaBaby]
Let me get 'em, Ye
They gon' hate on a young n***a anyway
They only call me when they havin' bills to pay (Go)
Ain't nobody ask me how I feel today
I think about it and get in my feelings, Ye
Wanna use me, they think I'm stupid
sh*t that they put out is very confusing
Feel like the media tryna abuse me
Y'all wanna crucify me, huh? (Oh yeah)
She a God-fearin' woman, but back that ass up
Juvenile in '99, now I'm tryna find peace, have to find a god
Ain't been havin' good sleep since my father died
Know our feelings are focused, I thought you know this
When there's prophets and mothеrf**kin' poets
You ain't got the mind to picture what my flow is
I'm straight from thе bottom, n***a, where the floor is
Went straight through the roof, like a n***a forgot where the door is (The roof)
Tryna make some shoes with YEEZY and Billion Dollar Baby clothing
They think 'cause we black, we supposed to hide our feelings and it's over
Nah, n***a, f**k that
She let me f**k after church on a Tuesday
Don't got a ring, but she gave me that coochie
Don't know how to make secular music
I hope Ye like it, I hope he still use it
I ain't f**kin' with n***as, I'm Gucci
They crumble in controversy, I be coolin' (Huh, huh)
Your chest beatin', lemme feel your heart
They might say I didn't, but I did my part
I never gave a f**k how n***a feel
And this damn sure ain't the day I'm finna start
Ye sent the beat that I could pick apart
Right now in this song, we at the minute mark
I walk down for a minute long
Put the top down, know I'm strapped with that glizzy
Ain't even mean to go get in my feelings
This is a powerful song, I can feel it
She don't got on drawers but she know all the scriptures
He could teach me the word, I'll never forget it
Forgive me and her, it's a time for repentin'
And it clap like, "Amen," from the back when I hit it
I'm black, I'm so black, I'm so black they can feel it
Paid three million cash in my taxes on Wednesday
The government, I'm payin' them millions to
They don't care about n***as when white people kill 'em
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