Kanye West

[Verse 1: Kanye West]
Testing me, take 'em wunna sunna
Got taste of the-
And the thing is that, y'all are just wasting me
That's just wasting me
That's just a waste of time
Save my sunna I saved design
That Ye design
n***as tryna tell me I'm crazy now
They don't understand
They just following the stream
They wunna sunn sunn, they were f**king up the dream
They were f**king up the dreams
Tryna get into the stream
They gone f-, they gone f**k up everything
Holy jeans, they ain't showing anything
Everything, everything, everything
Gold seams, can't be shown so it seems
So it brings
Making plans together with the golden team
Holding hands, that's the dream

[Verse 2: Ant Clemons]
She want me, she want uh- me
She want take control, she taught me
She want- Shh, shh, shh
She want thee
She want ABC but got D
She want everything, she want me
When she pop- Pop, pop, pop, she popped D
Anyway, she know that c'est la vie
Then she left, one and six and all three
Now that she's lost it
She went and called me, she want me
She told me that she wouldn't leave and caught me
I can't believe that- that she really caught me
And I just be talking all like Yeezy taught me
Then she got breezy on me (Ooh)
Now she got me sneezing in Bali
I was saying Yeezy taught me
Like it ain't been easy on me
She ain't rolling with me just to roll, man
Like y'all ain't put your ass behind bars, man
It ain't looking good lately
She know we been in on some mayday
sh*t been looking bad we in some mad days
Backing that pu**y back onto Melee
Blocka, blocka that's not the right way
Celebrate, that's a Ye day
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