Kanye West

"Ye’s Interlude"

I know
I know
I know

This is what y'all all looking forward to
This is more than historical, anything that I say that is audible
Ought to blow, just like a chick givin' oral, yo
Lick the black, get the cream, like a Oreo
Hit the track, get the C.R.E.A.M., same story, yo
Trick that on Armani Emporium, it's more important, though
Yes sir, my aura is orchestral, but way fresher
'Cause I simply throw a symphony, on a SMPTE, but I know
That n***as steal beats, so after I emcee, I empty the M.P
So I can stay out of reach, they used to say, "Use a producer"
I'm glad I never listened to you losers, cause now, I'm in
Shibuya, buyin' somethin that's, way too exclusive
Uh, ra-ra-ra-ra-rappers are in danger, this floor is from a manger
But meaner than Lucifer, yeah, and this is the new drug
I'm the new high, y'all want ya weed back?
Yell, "I still love H.E.R., Hanto E. Rap!" (E. Rap...)
E. Rap
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