Kanye West


[Intro: Lupe Fiasco]
So, what;'s it going to be?
L-U-P-E, Joy
C'mon On

[Verse 1: Joy Denalane]
There's so many things to say right now;
I got so much on my mind
Look at what is going down...
How much higher can we climb?
The system that we're living in
Depends on poverty and greed
But people don't need charity;
It's justice that we need
(There's disrepair)
Hey, it's surrounding you And it's worse than it's ever been
(We'll overcome)
We'll overcome the things they do
(We're halfway there)
Cause we know the truth but living is another thing
(We'll overcome)
Overcome the things they do.. Lift your voice and sing

[Bridge: Joy Denalane]
A change is coming our way
Step by step and day by day
We'll live by all that we say
Step by step now come what may
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