No Hook lyrics

Kanye West

[verse 1] - Stract503
I got about 2 or 3 homies and they really bouta shoot achoo for talkin sh*t
I came from nothing turned into something my heart really got it up from the bricks
They said I ain't really bout it, I ask for the addy and they really backing b*t*h
I get my money and stay by my lonely while they on me and they sleepin sh*t
Like why is you hatin' on me?
Why is you hatin' homie?
I can tell you mad, I can tell you sad really down bad scammin' for a dollar like you never had it
f**k off and go eat a d**k
Get the f**k off of my sh*t
Suck on my page just like yo b*t*h
f**k with my mind and I really got rich
She cheated on me and I couldn't losе that
I had a side like screw that
Shе got a new b*t*h like who that
She really cute and her ass fat
When I was skrting her mom aye
Buy a new a bag like my claim
Pour some dope my mind clear
Run up on them it was not fair
Too many plans this my year
I know you watchin' and ion really like that
Yeah keep talkin' sh*t I'm just gonna buy it back
Lightin' the fire like I'm bout to blow up
Tell you to pull up you ain't gon' show up
Sit back and listen you already know it
Ready to shine yeah I just gotta show it (x2)

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