Leave Some For Me lyrics

Kanye West

*Crowd applause*

Welcome, welcome, welcome...come one, come all
I wanna formally introduce y'all to volume 2 of the CTMD series
Aww man, bringing you the best music from the 3rd coast
And the west coast, all into one...f**k am I doing
Let's get straight into the music, come on

Hey, hey, hey, hey...I likes to dance to, this the type sh*t I like to dance to
Hey...likes to dance to, this they type sh*t I like to dance to

[Verse 1]
H-town kid who rock the nice kicks(kicks)
Where the b*t*hes come in two’s, just like some Twix(Twix)
And a young n***a poppin' like some rice crisp(crisp)
And I almost messed up and f**ked a white chick
Now that’s the typa sh*t I likes to laugh to(Haha)
Keep all the people waiting like a drive thru
Like "damn TrxggaTre where’s volume 2?"
I had to get right just to match the mood(Okay)
Now, now leave some for me
Girl you know a skinny n***a get hungry
Know a LA n***a that wear dungarees
And smoke weed till his mama tell him come to eat
And I did pretty good on my SAT’s
But how the f**k is that gone help me link wit LA Reid?(How?)
Or the Justice league?(How?) Or to get more green?(How?)
Or a bad light skin chick like Irene?
I know sometimes I’m big headed
Used to say "look how big yo head is"
Baby please stop talkin' how big my d**k head is
Flow sick all my songs is infectious
But you just can’t seem to get it, like my n***a Cole Bennet
When life gave me lemons I turned em' into lyrics
Soul food flow this sh*t is for ya spirit, come on now lemme hear it
Now this right here is not no Moncler(nope) baby this is some Guess
Now please get undressed
She said "damn we just walk through the door"
I said "baby you know what we both came for"

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