International (Intro) lyrics

Kanye West

[Intro: Kanye West & Ultra Naté]
Hold on, this train goin' by
Free to do what you want to do
You've got to live your life

Lotta people be thinkin', but I'm just a sayer (Sayer, sayer)
Artists can't perform the Super Bowl, but it's okay for the players? (Players, players)
All these half-way movements, need a whole lotta improvement
Everybody wanna talk, everybody wanna type
Ain't nobody finna do sh–
And everybody throwin' dirt
All that talk won't work, all that talk don't work
Now, who you think you talkin' to nerd?
W-w-w-w-w-wait, it get worse (Worse)
Wait, it, wait, it, wait, it been bad
Showin' up to the Grammy's mad
Tryna win some' we already had
Tryna become some' we already arе (Are)
Don't make me go Rastafar'
Wе doin', no tryin', no dyin', we livid, I'm livin', I get more specific
All these admirations, likes, and false validations
Feeding to our ego, talk for somethin', negro
One in four get locked up, your girlfriend get knocked up
Plan B was they Plan A, to lower the count of our families
To lower the count on our damn votes

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