Up All Night lyrics

Kanye West


Took the Cal coast down to Mexico
Find a little trouble with nobody we know
Had to get away, blow a little smoke
See a little skin down in heaven below
I'm like, "Hey, man!
We ain't gotta feel so bad"
He's like, "Amen!
These are days we can't get back"
(Two, three, four)
Drop those bags, let's get down to business
Didn't drive all night just to witness
Light me up like 12 days of Christmas
All I know is right now I need this
Wake up, sun's out, shoes off, my goodness
Sippin' seaside, I call it fitness
Too damn young, too much fun to quit this
All I know is right now I need this
Na-na, I need this
I wanna feel it
Na-na, I need this

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