Kanye West
Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 & Pt. 2
Lyrics from Snippet

[Part I]

[Intro: Pastor T.L. Barett / Choir]
...save this world day
You’re the only power that can-

[Chorus: Kanye West & Pastor T.L. Barret / Choir]
I just wanna feel liberated, I-I, na-na-na
After all, who can I turn to?
If I ever instigated, I am sorry...

[Part II]

[Chorus: Kanye West]
Takin’ all the stacks, oh

[Verse 2: Desiigner & Kanye West]
I got broads in Atlanta
Twistin' dope, lean, and the Fanta
Stacks, oh
Credit cards and the scam...