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"Locksmith - 2019 Freestyle on Sway In The morning"

[Beat 1]
Your favourite rapper is full of sh*t
Everything that he's ever said is from a script
Everything you were ever fed is from the lips of dudes who don't believe in the principles that you've come to grip
So now let's modify that
Modernize rap to personify facts
Instead of a face tat
Go study some Face raps
Brad Jordan, there's more important than Spotify stats
n*ggas faking they streams anyway
Buying numbers the number you are they can penetrate
They plant seeds a man's deeds is worth more
Can't breathe I stampede the church door
Can't see myself following false doctrine
I'm Ice Cube cubed but there's no style that I'm boxed in
I get offended when n*ggas say that I'm top ten
b*tch you get assaulted behind bars when I rock hymns
Asap two thousand and twenty Rakim
To the common industry tendencies I will not bend
I will not flinch for a second, check the opticals
Either you're a bridge or a obstacle
You see I can give it to you but what you gon' do with it
We created a style that most of you mimic
I'm less Kirk Franklin more Langston Hughes with it
New [?] still refuse in the use of your eugenics
Too timid to approach me in real life
So you hide behind your keyboards
Your career is a permanent detour
I distort the view of your accolades and rewards
Reassure what's pure when I record
I'm reborn on every beat that I reach for when I breach your
Status quo won't static no, you'd rather leech more
That's the reason these n*ggas create the fake beef for
So you can click the link and they can eat more
You see rappers on the bubble find other rappers to make trouble
Premeditate feuds and fanbases double
All at the expense of the listener ya'll ignore me
And you wonder why real n*ggas look at you as corny
Your coronation don't coincide with the cornerstore
The corridor to the coroner is the course you on
Of course you on, you a stereotype
A caricature of America's imperial plight
This is serious material cause every empirical image of n*ggas is seen in a satirical light
Either, overly violent or you hyper sexualized
If you've never been oppressed then it's hard to contextualize
If you never seen the truth then it's hard to reject the lie
Dangerous is the claims in the affidavit
Dangerous is the blade from decapitation of religious cults handling snakes in the Appalachians
Witness the scope of his parameters
You can't cover these bullet wounds with bandages
We won't fight for our people with disadvantages
But camp overnight for Jordans and chicken sandwiches
Don't become a statistic
Cause you can get shot whether or not you even reach for a biscuit
The system that we in is sadistic
Until you kick the bucket and you covered in flour, then you enlisted
Listen to the lyrics that linger out of my language
Private owned prisons is generational anguish
This is all part of a larger plan they came with
They will force your hand 'till you fold and cave in
Cave drawings inside of a catacombs or scatter bones of rappers inside of a mausoleum
That's just how I look at the artists that y'all be deeming
As a second coming, I'm coming to spark carpe diem
When n*ggas say facts I think fiction
Rumours and allegations are just bad as convictions
Social media mediates every decision, cause we scared to take a stand in the court of public opinion
Black icons are now pawns inside the plot
Racists on trial you in denial or you not
Not to say I convey what's flagrant but some of our spokespeople ain't nothing but double agents
I am the Denmark Vesey to Plessy Ferguson
Every verse and hymn is necessary but burdensome
And onerous, you diss at your own risk
If you speak my name in vain then you slittin' your own wrists
It's 'bout ownership, who is on the ship, I was on this sh*t
I was trying to focus on gettin' noticed to coexist
Your coping method and cope aesthetic
Go rope a medic
You spoke a verse but we know who did it you're so pathetic
You go on Reddit and readily try to mock me akhi
You waitin' on a Mardi Gras I'm waiting on a [?]
Your motley crew is a crusade of incels
I am the audio equivalent of a chemtrail
All well and ends well the ends justify the means
Your meaningless mockery will land you in cells
In celebration of finally finding patience
I'm placing my own bias to the side to gather intel, n*gga
I will slay y'all kings
Leave your b*tch wide open like Draymond Green
Leave your clique side copin' 'till they say amin
Astaghfirullah don't ever underplay my deen
Whatever I say I mean I believe that I was chosen
Plucked from the fruit of the tree that you beholden
Embolden by faith my father gave divinity
f*ck status quo no record label can limit me
Every rap is calligraphy every act is been clinically diagnosed [?] soul, so why take offense to these
b*tch n*ggas that you choose to celebrate
'till they lose steam then you scheme to separate
Set the date and I meet it accelerate through anaemic
n*ggas claimin' that they got you but never there when you need 'em
Beggin' for me to lead em' I leave 'em all at wayside
I take pride exposing what n*ggas can't hide
I take sides when n*ggas aim at my family
Let 'em dwell in hell the heavens is my canopy
Your ghost writer's full of estrogen
You let 'em rewrite your life like Paul in the New Testament
Said me next to his [?]
I will X 'em then exit when
n*ggas say that I'm done but homie that has never been
I never been thought bullsh*t, I use it, to fertilize my dreams
You scream but it's useless
Look I'm the byproduct of prophecy
The foreshadow will force travel for my apathy
The quite opposite of what's opulent every occupant
Inside your purview deters you from what you strive to get
I'm considering littering little nuggets of information
To give n*ggas some game before they reach the pavement
The pay stubs that you stubbornly waste will eventually bite the ass of those spending with haste
See, there's a difference between a player and a coach, a boss and a roach, a sheep and a goat
The anchor's been severed still we sink with the boat
So they don't have to tie the noose
They let us reach for the rope
You come across weak and you seen when you spoke
Still have to promote an image I perceive as a hoax
Every time you underachieve you concede or you gloat
Two extremes we don't need to invoke
I'm vocally outspoken still I know what was took
The paradigm is paralyzed parasites are afoot
Tryna hide behind the beat, their disguise is the hook
Your discography's a mass still the master's partook, look
I expect that type of clash
Heard he dropped a new track
I respect the right to pass
You believe your future's bright, but neglect to right the past
How you spray yourself with axe but forget to wipe your ass?
See rappers in the back was decorum
n*ggas ain't gotta talk because the facts do it for 'em
If it looks like a duck
And it quacks like a duck
Either it's bad luck or n*gga that's just a duck
Said I was busy but that's just a duck
Flashing money to steer me see that's just a buck
Sky's the limit no the limit is the sky
They shooting if you comply
My n*gga that's just for us
We on the cusp to recover somethin' that's closin' in

[Beat 2]
Everything divisive confrontation and crisis
We criticize and hide behind our devices
You are not a part of my life so why would I stress
You a b*tch I can see it just by the eye test
I see the truth behind the peril still
I seem aloof unless you pairin' bills
Life is emotion mostly a Ferris wheel
If you scared to build then you'll probably vomit pair of steel
Pair of [?] off of the wind chill when I exit
Everything perfected erected after you left it
Neglected of any merit
America is infected
He's blowing up but it's only 'cause he's connected
I'm fetchin' my own PR
You know they love to scrutinize
Got me hangin' like Jesus when he was crucified
Really it was Judas illusion inside a human's eyes
Humanize homegrown terrorists such a useful lie
You deny but it's bright as day
The price you pay when you rap for a plight of people that might decay
I can say that I'm honestly in the running of becoming something more than an artist over some drumming
I'm numbing my own appendages
Be wary of social media images
I've seen rappers you know well
Would worship they coattails
Damage they brand, now they selling they verses at wholesale
Clearance rack rapper go grab you a life raft
Life has a funny way of highlighting what might pass
I asked one of my fans, do you even listen?
He said no, sent the link and then asked me for my opinion
So let's exfoliate it closer
You know he ain't a soldier, I associate is doper
Labels are like lobster poachers, they find n*ggas in a trap
Watch 'em snap then appropriate the culture
Leave us buried behind cameras
Parallel to libraries in Alexandria
Or rock in the sixties, got us p*ssin' in Dixie's
Eatin' out of closets, where the f*ck is the logic
Explosively, I was exposed to a superimposed post reality coaxed fallacy
I couldn't think sane
Uncrumble my past raps and see the face of Christ in the ink stains
The Shroud of Turin occurrin' in Crescent Park
Rich city apostle my gospel etched in bark
In the tree 50 feet from where boo boo got shot
Mike Robinson had the ninja with the shoe in the sock
I was used to the not having support, abort devils aboard vessels
I was ignored my thoughts wrestled
Distress denim addendum and alterations from altercations in case you get lost in the block's echo
Make your heart race, race like it's laced in your nasal
Was in a dark space wait but I'm anxious and hasteful
Labelled as argumentative all cynics get flawed with the taste you must embrace when you facing Azazel
Amazing grace my country has two faces
Blacks get more time for equal or less cases
Case in point, incase you encased in a raceless shell
Conversations are baseless if you based or raised in a cell
Seldom seen but seldomly satisfied
Every stat aside I sat aside and sat inside
Saturated and sabotaged every rap's a barrage
A lackluster cluster of busters you pass as Gods

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