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"Story Lanez (Tory Lanez Diss)"

Look, let me just start by saying
It didn't have to be this way, hahaha
I don’t think people realize I do this sh*t in my sleep man
Somebody get this man some milk

You know what rhymes with Tory Lanez
What, I stole your whole style but I'm really sorry Drake
Someone get this 4 foot 8 dwarf out my way
'Cause I’ve been orchestrating torcher the coroner is on his way How you reppin' Canada but you fled to the Florida state Showing off on
Instagram every time that you board a plane
Someone set up the orange tape 'cause I'm deading this cornflake
Heard he claims he want beef but I'll be he'll get sautéed
Like damn Tory, there's real life then Instagram Tory and those are not the same thing
So we don't care about the fact you’re from Toronto with
The ting ’cause you're from Brampton you
Just cappin’ like you part of that whole scene
I got love for the six but you're
Like five and three-quarters
I'll admit it I'mma kill him ’cause I'm trying to get noticed but I'll murder you on screen catch it live and the reporter will say Tory Lanez died last night in a coma (Too bad)
You were on IG live with 6ix9ine
'Cause that's your friend I thought loyalty
Was something to live by the next day the news
Drop that he might get time and then you dissed him out of nowhere thinking you'll get shine
You only did that knowing that he can't defend himself
So now you're looking like a rat when he gets sentenced now
So if he dies inside or ends himself just remember you're the friend of his who lends him help
'Cause you're a snake motherf*cker, man I hate motherf*ckers
A carbon-copy lesser version of Drake motherf*cker
Big teeth bunny rabbit in the face motherf*cker
You and Akademiks prolly on a date, motherf*cker
Listen I was just chilling I was trying to keep quiet then you claim to be the king and woke up the sleeping giant
Me oh my please don't try it you'll die when you meet Goliath Stealing lines of other rappers then gets caught and denies it damn
I'll roll them up and smoke them in a blunt but it's just a
f*cking week that I know I won't get a buzz I'm doper than coco leaf and Tory you're just a bum doing songs with Bhad Bhabie now hoping you'll fall in love
You said the n-word on your Joyner diss 65 times
Because you say it is a crutch just to make your sh*t rhyme
I see you in the front row giving Drake a high-five
Are you a gangster or a singer Tory make up your mind
I'm a fat motherf*cker I could eat prolly and plus you wanted this smoke 'cause you retarded
But how you looking like a swagged out Steve Harvey
I put a hit on his head and this is a deposit
He threw the bait in the water and now he thinking we shook
He reeled me in but it's ironic he should stick to the hooks
If he's the king upon the throne and imma give him a push
And by the time he hits the ground I'll have two singles I cooked And that responds to Don Q was garbage we all knew that
All you do is make jokes 'cause his bars were all truth
Dog you're corny with your gimmicks
Matter of fact give me a sec
Let me be like Tory for a minute
All I do is get loud yeah
Mosh pits on the crowd yeah
Auto-tune for the sound yeah
Might steal your style yeah
No f*ck this rap sh*t I'm just speaking on your character
It literally wouldn't be reasonable to compare us
'Cause I rap rap you cab cab singing isn't fair with us
A hipster thrift shopping for jeans I'm 'bout to tear him up
You must be trippin'
I see coke in his nasal he can't breathe
Suffocating in front of smoke inhalation
Since we're both Canadian
Let's say you owe me a favor and
Stand still a scope got a laser to open
Your face up this fake confidence
You're your own worst critic
He thinks R&B is a brand new style that he invented
I'm next up and ain't nobody gonna change my mind
I'll bring a ticket to your meet and greet and wait in line
And bring a poster and a CD that'll make you sign it
Stone Cold Stunner this motherf*cker and break your spine
Standing ovation, the bruegger mic clapper
Neo from of matrix
Tory shooting right past me
R.I.P let's have a moment of silence
If you want it I'm condoning the violence don't even try it (pus*y)
Now go put some f*cking water on
That chia pet you got going on the top of your head bro
Stompdown Killaz for life

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