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"Dear Diary"

Fresh home from tour i just got home
Its been a minute
Lets talk about it
Dear diary

It's almost like i'm walking on the ledge
Cause i won't fall into these trends
I got this target on my head, yeah
Somehow this bottles got me nodding odd again
And its prolly got my momma all upset
Dear diary, dear diary
I'm just writing this down like "dear diary"
Dear diary, dear diary
Why the f*ck are all these demons still tryin' me

All these artists are disposable as f*ck
So why do i have to put in twice the work alone to get a buzz
I used to watch my father move slower than a slug
But now i got a little clout and you just hope you could get some
Dear diary, dear diary
Am i the only one who sees all of this irony
Dear diary, dear diary
I swear to god theres a monster growing inside of me
Listen, i'm tryna tell you that my breed is different than ya'lls
We keep it G, this whole scene just p*sses me off
Cause what you seein on your screen is really just fraud artists tryna market to the teens to get a response
I've never been the one to dumb it down for clicks
Everything i do blow up its like i don't know how to miss
I just do this for my gang, still comin' out the sticks
It's all gas, no breaks, i ain't runnin outta hits, nah
You ever notice that you're questioning yourself
Simply based off the opinion said by everybody else
But all you get is "W's" and never get the "L"
Exactly cause they just say it when they fed up with themselves
Dear diary, yeah
Dear diary
Why the f*ck are my enemies smart eyein' me
Dear diary, dear diary
Tell the industry f*ck em they can't silence me

I've been around this block about a hundred thousand times
Seen a hundred thousand rappers, with a hundred thousand styles
Twenty thousand on they jacket, twenty thousand on they smile
My question for you is where the f*ck are all those rappers now
Cause i won't be a small fraction of the past
I am not another cracker that just raps to get a pass
I worked hard for what i have and watched it gradually expand
You don't have to see the blood to know i have it on my hands
I watched the people i consider my team
Turn sour when they saw me out there livin' the dream
If you ain't workin' why the f*ck you think you'll get it from me?
I still pray they doin' well or sh*t i wish they could see, but ey
It's all a part of it i know
If you ain't watering the plants than how you want the sh*t to grow?They follow my footsteps like i been walkin' in the snow
Sometimes you gotta cut em off or you'll get caught up in the smoke
For real
I only do this when its therapeutic to me
I been gettin' bread, ya know i'm very used to gluten
I got pains in my back, i've been carrying this movement
They'll tell you that i'm wrong but ill still wait for them to prove it
A ventriloquist been pullin' my strings
He's controlling my every action saying "look what you did"
And to him, it's just a game, he only does it cause he's bored
Inside the booth with all my demons til i f*ckin' push record
Dear diary, dear diary
I pray the higher power still guiding me
Dear diary, dear diary
Please lemme be the leader of this dynasty
Dear diary, dear diary
Dear diary
Dear diary, dear diary
Dear diary
2020 im comin' for you
StompDown Killaz

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