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Dylan Thomas

"1. Warning Intro"

Verse 1: (Dylan That b*tch)
Pretty Boys coming at you with a sick flow, and don't you dare throw up just ’cause I am a pro
And everything we do, you know they borrow
Don't even listen to this sh*t if you f*cking slow
I really rap while they can't form a sentence
And I don’t need a man because i'm independent
Forget about it if you ever had a vengence
Come over here I'll give you your repentence
This is how you do a f*cking entrance
My bestfriend gone show you how to do a f*ckin exit, ho
I got the checks to blow
Just flexin though
Listen up and see, who's next to go
Said listen up and see, who's next to go

Verse 2: (Ratchet Robbie)
Next to go, we the next to come in
So you scared little girls better watch your man
This track is a warning so you can't defend
Worst Nightmare, like we committed a sin
Just like Nicki we are back again
Yes I got Big Bank got all the Yen
Raised the bar to take a picture, yes I am a ten
I'm a dolly, I'm a barbie you can call me Ken

Verse 3: (Ratchet Robbie)
This is a warning so you better watch out
Don’t come for me better watch yo mouth
Know you talk about me for all that clout
I’m better than you I can say without a doubt
Better than you, b*tch you are my son
This rap sh*t? Yea doing it for fun
No you can't find me I’m on the run
b*tches so basic, so overdone
Not throwing shade but it ain't no sun
This just the beginning, it's just begun
You should know I'm not stopping cause I already won
You should know I’m not stopping cause I already won

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