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Dylan Thomas


Verse 3: (Dylan That b*tch)
Uh, Strapped up I’m fighting just like a soldier
Can’t bare with these hoes im too cold, polar
Please stop sleeping on me, wake up, Folgers
And he call me his little soldier
If you wanna go to war
I’m ready for that battle
b*tches talking sh*t
I sit back and just cackle
Listen to me spit I do not f*cking babble
They got they words twisted up, scrabble
Precipitating like seattle
You needa skidaddle
Got these b*tches rattled
Praying on my downfall
Find a new Chapel
All facts and all tea, Snapple
Home running like base ball
Y’all done and i stand tall
Writing my own bars
And you can call me Saul
I am the f*cking King
Tie em up with the string
Savage and I know how to make my hips swing
And thats how you do the motherf*ckin' thing

Verse 4: (Dylan That b*tch)
Strapped up I'm fighting just like a soldier
That b*tch is over, I already told her
f*ck with Pretty boys and get exposure
Basic hoes yall know im icy, colder
Icy b*tch tings i walk past they go BRRR
b*tch say she was winning I said b*tch WHUR?

Get money from him please make the transfer
Straight to my bank account, yes sir
You a low life I ain't talking future
Ask "Where Ya At" he lies and you say "sure"
b*tch i'm in the sleigh riding with Prancer
After im done with him his words he start to slur
And he call me his lil soldier yea yea yea
And he call me his lil soldier

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