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"Premier League Wrap Up"

Ayo, welcome to the Premier League

[Unique Verse]
You already know that's the tekkiest division that the world's ever seen
From '92 when it burst on the scene
Mad goals, mad games, football like we've never seen
Man United were the first to win it
Steve Bruce double headers in the final minutes
Ferguson made it clear he never came to play ;
Ain't nobody won it more even to this day
And who remembers Arsenal's unbeatable run
Nah, I ain't even talkin' the « invincible » one
I'm talking back in '02 when Rooney came through
He was 16 and he shocked everyone
Man came off the bench and he hit it top bins
Wenger he was shocked
Can't believe it went in
Youngest scorer of the Premier League
At the time, it was him
So shout out Rooney, that's a Premier League king
And so was Alan Shearer, the league's highest scorer
Ain't no one player scored more than him
Could be headers or shots, don't let him get near the box
Cos 9 times out of 10 you know he's gonna get it in
And shout out Giggs, you know he's got the most assists
And he's lifted the trophy, what, 13 times ?
Ain't no player won it more, that's a Prem king for sure
Ya dun know Giggsy was ahead of his time
Ay, remember that game, QPR and Man city
The title race was close, it was getting mad sticky
1 minute left and the score was 2-2
Weren't looking like City boys were gonna pull through
Fans started stressing, they thought that it was done
But they didn't know what was soon about to come
Mario to Aguero, a little one two
Aguero went the defender shocked, it went through
City won the league the first time in 4 decades
What a sight to be seen, a Fairy-Tale end for the Mancini team
Great managers come and help the clubs live the dream
And all the best ones reside in the Premier League
Look at Mourinho and what he done for Chelsea
Man won them the league two years in a row
Try to know he ain't called The Special One for no reason
He backed up his talk and let the results show
No bias, being real as I can
Seems the pressure of the league really gets to a man
Remember '96, back when Keegan had his rant
The love he had for the club, yeah, I fully understand
But who's the best for the Prem, though :
Sterling, Gerrard, Salah, Aguero, Bale, Kane, Giggs, Ronaldo, Lampard, Scholes
Ay fam, this is hard though
Beckham, Suarez, Bergkamp, Cole
The list is too long man, only God knows
But for me it was Thierry Henry
Remember how them Gunners were back in '03
You know they were incredible, they couldn't be beaten
Suppose that's why they call it the « Invincible » season
But you know what I love most about the whole Prem
Is the fact you never really know how it's gonna end
Like back in '16 no one thought Leicester was gonna win the league
5000/1 but they still had a dream
Shout out Ranieri and the rest of the team
Jamie Vardy had a party, what a sight to be seen
The season just gone, tell me that wasn't mad though
Some people tell me that's the best we never had, yo
The race got deep, it went down the wire
But City had a reign, they didn't want it to expire
The Reds nearly had it, they never grought it home
They always play with their hearts, so they will never walk alone
So near but so far, man, they lost it by a point
You see, the reason just gone, nah, it didn't disappoint
Arsenal, Man United, Tottenham and Chelsea
The battle for the 3rd, and the 4th, it was healthy
Some might even say it was the best of all time
Remember's Beckham goal from the halfway line
Or the two from Yeboah back in 1995
Probably the best goals I've seen in my life
Moments from the Prem you could have never seen foresaw
Kinda Blackburn in the season '94
So many great moments plus so many more
So many great goals and amazing scores
I just really hope the Prem goes on forever
I just love the way it brings people together
All different classes, all different races
No room for prejudice, no room for racists
No homophobics and the abrasive
This is everybody's game – Rainbow Laces
Look inside the crowd, so many different faces
There to enjoy, that's what everybody aim is
The most watched league, man, it can't be beat
The Kicks scheme helps young kids come off the streets
Sterling and Zaha, just to name a few
With hard work and dedication that could be you
You know they watch it in China, they watch it in Kuwait
They watch it in India, they watch it in the States
Every time it goes away it's the longest wait
But every time it's coming back, man it's always great
England's Top 20, man, you gotta be intrigued
Ain't no football in the world like the Premier League

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