Nikki Giovanni
Poem (No Name No. 3)
The Black Revolution is pa**ing you bye
Anne Frank didn't put cheese and bread away for you
Because she knew it would be different this time
The naziboots don't march this year
Won't march next year
Won't come to pick you up in a
honka honka VW bus
So don't wait for that
They already got Malcolm
The already got LeRoi
They already strapped a harness on Rap
They already pulled Stokely's teeth
They already here if you can hear properly
Didn't you hear them when 40 thousand Indians died
from exposure to
Didn't you hear them when Viet children died from
exposure to napalm
Can't you hear them when Arab women die from exposure to
You hear them while you die from exposure to wine
and poverty programs
If you hear properly
Tomorrow was too late to properly arm yourself
See can you do an improper job now
See can you do now something, anything, but move now
If the Black Revolution pa**es you bye it's for damned
the whi-te reaction to it won't