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Nikki Giovanni

"Life Matterd"

After the death of Trayvon Martin, people watched the trial on national news that told the tragic story of what lead up to his death. The night watchman got acquitted. The Micheal Green story was broadcast by the media with the details of his death. Micheal was shot over ten times. Both kids were young teenagers in high school. Again no one was held responsible for what happened. The community began protesting against police brutality. There were community riots, community forums, social groups formed in unified protest with civil rights leaders, stars and athletes. Someone started a hashtag on Twitter #blacklivesmatter that would allow people to report live on twitter unlawful police brutality. It went viral with enough responses. The people’s response was to show through the media that police brutality was a big problem amongst black people mistreated by the police. Black lives matter became a young group movement of college students to say that killing innocent blacks is a epidemic amongst policemen that is wrong and it needs to change

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