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Nikki Giovanni

"Do the right Think"

Scenarios Examples

Trayvon  Martin was walking home while talking on his cell. He had bought a bag of skittles from the store. A night watchman was suspicious and approached him. Trayvon fought back and was shot

Micheal  Brown was stopped by police for stealing. When asked to put his hands up he did and was shot by the police several times

Eric Garner was apprehended by the police for illegally selling cigarettes outside a store. Eric was placed in a head lock and died

There was a college instructor pulled over, police was suspicious, asked to step out of her car and was arrested. She later died in prison cell

When  the police pull you over, you stop your car, place your hands in view on the dash board. Be nice to the police. Don’t argue with the police. Answer their questions. Ask the police for permission before reaching for your purse, wallet and tag insurance. Don’t fight the police. Don’t run from the police. The police is trained to act that way

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