Nikki Giovanni
Concerning a Responsible Negro with Too Much Power
are responsible negroes running

i understand i'm to be sued
and you say you can’t fight fifteen hundred national
guards men
so you'll beat the sh*t
out of poor Black me
(no doubt i've castrated you)

dynamite came to your attention
and responsible negroes tell the cops

your tongue must be removed
since you have no brain to keep it in check

aren’t you turned around
teaching tolerance
how can i tolerate
my cup is full
and you alrеady know
we have no ability
to delay gratification
i only want to rеclaim myself
i even want you
to reclaim yourself
but more and more i'm being convinced
that your death
responsible negro
is the first step
towards my reclamation

it's very sad
i'd normally stop and cry
but evening is coming
and i've got to negotiate
for my people's freedom