YTB 2.0 (Yea The Boyz!) lyrics

Bloodhound Gang

[Intro – TheAnt 777:]
TheAnt 777

[Verse 1 – TheAnt 777:]
Rain drop, drop top
Smokin' on cookie in the hotbox
TheAnt riding all over the block block block
Pulling up at your girlfriend’s front door, knock knock
Signing all the autographs at Seven-eleven
My raps are red fire, like the hair of Lachie Brennan
I’m not ambient, cuz I'm a champion
Not a class clown, that’s Sam Campion
I didn't have any ideas about lightning- until they struck me
Hey do we have Talbot today? Let’s go ask Tuxy
I'm the fastest like an artist painting Chevy
My lyrics somersault around like they're Nathan Levey
Hey I just realised!!! That rhymes with spaghetti!
And we all know what rhymes with spaghetti (Marchetti)
When it comes to picking teams, we all take Abin
And no-one's ever gonna forget Nathan Stapleton

[Chorus – TheAnt 777:]
Yea the boys!
Yea the boys!
Yea the boys!
Yea the boys!
Don’t dog the boys

[Verse 2 – TheAnt 777:]
Here’s a huge thank you, to Julian and Gowtham
Who helped me get here, I wouldn’t have made it without them
The haters are hell, I don't care about their wack cheering
I'm fast with a basketball, yea fast like Max Beerling
And I told him ‘fore we started my name was ant triple seven
Then I killed him mid-battle, and he thought he was in heaven
Yesterday I went past a mong who didn’t know what a bong is
I said f**k off b*t*h, go ask Lachie Connors
Cap on, giving autographs to Michael Marchetti
He's so distracted, I manage to steal his spaghetti
Lol what a sped, I'm constantly fooling him
While at the same time stealing all of them girls from Julian
b*t*h I am lit, I’m the sh*t, I'm the bomb
So is Dom, and I ain't gonna forget about John
I walk down the hallway, ya'll start banging bins
I've become the world’s greatest meme, credit to Sammy Jim!

[Chorus – TheAnt 777:]
Yea the boys!
Yea the boys!
Yea the boys!
Yea the boys!
Don’t dog the boys x2

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