Studio Bullsh*t lyrics

Bloodhound Gang

[Bloodhound Gang & Rich Balling]
-Like, it's like:
(Scats the melody to "Take the Long Way Home")
Heh-heh, whoa!
(Trombone warms up, band continues scatting)
-I think that's it
-I can think of [?]
(Trombone continues playing)
(Trombone plays the melody to "Take the Long Way Home")
-Yeah, that was it

[Chasey Lain]
Can someone call my agent? My hair is lifting...

[Shana Blake Hill and Malcolm MacKenzie]
Oh, man
Now we have to do "Hooray for Boobies."
That was a C, right?
How do we do it... Hooray for boobies! ...That was you
(Hums Shana's vocal part)
And I did... (hums his own vocal part)
Hooray fo- Oh, wait a moment. (Both laugh) What a start, what a start
Hooray for boobies-that seems too low
Right, that's it, that's it. We go up
Hooray for boobies-that's too low
Do you wanna take it up?
Hooray for boobies-(-or boobie-) that's not high enough
Hooray for boobies, hoo... Where do you want the- where do you want the high note to be?
Hooray for boobies- Yes, yes, that's better, that's better (both laugh, then warm up)
Hooray for boobies
Hooray for boo- (Hooray for boobies-) (both laugh)
Hey, that's pretty good, let's do it again: ...ray for boo-(both continue laughing)
We like this kind of humor, we like it a lot. (both continue laughing)
C'mon, let's go. I can't! Yeah, you can too, come on. I can't!

Okay, wait, wait. (sighs) Hooray for mine, hooray for everyone's
Yes, you'd-, yes, I- I- I'm envious. (laughs) Oh my God...
(scats the vocal melody) Right, is that where we are? Yeah. Right
Hooray for-(Hoo-) (laughs) Yes you can! Do you wanna do the Bloodhound Gang's- No, no, I have to do this. This is important to my career. Yes!
Sing your line now, so I know where- I can't- I can't look at you, that's the problem. Okay, well, I'll turn slightly away, how about that? Okay

Hooray for boobies!

[Shana and Malcolm]
...Let's, let's cut off together better. Okay! (scats vocal melody) Okay

Hooray for boobies!

[Jimmy Pop]
...I felt a little bulge comin' on. And I went on to tell her how I would-and I went on to tell her how I would wear her face like a mask as I do my little kooky dance. Well, she told me to shut, now-f**k!

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