Andak Andak lyrics



Bit-by-bit, bit-by-bit, the drunk masses arrive
Little-by-little, the wine-worshipers wine arrive

They are gently on their way
Like Zaran flowers from the garden

Little by little, from this world of dead and undead
The dead have gone and the living will be here soon

They come with hands full of gold and empty
They arrive both poor and hungry

The gaunt, exhausted from the trials of love
Arrive strong and healthy

Like the rays of the sun, the lives of the pure
They arrive from heights to valleys

The green and fresh garden of the pure
Arrive from drunken stupor

Their essence is grace
As the garden receives them


Andak andak, andak andak, Ja'am-e mastan meeresand
Andak andak, andak andak, mey-parastan meeresand

Neestan raftand va hastan meerasand

Delnavazan, naz-nazan dar rahand
Golazaran az golestan miresand

Andak andak zin jahan hasto nist
Nistan raftand o hastan miresand

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