Body ft. Migos lyrics

Sean Paul

[Intro: Sean Paul & Quavo]
S to the P
Ayy, ayy
Don Carleonie
Migos and Sean Paul in the building
Mally Mall, Migos
And you know we smoke blunts til the face
Everybody saying up, up away

[Chorus: Sean Paul & Quavo]
My girl cause the body weh you got worth more than bout a billion (Ayy, ayy)
Just wanna feel ya (Ayy, ayy)
And get familiar (Ayy)
The body weh you got worth more than bout a trillion
I just wanna feel ya, wanna steal ya, girl

[Verse 1: Offset]
She gorgeous, I’ma pay her mortgage, gorgeous, mortage
I’ma buy you Christian Louboutin until you can afford it, Louboutin
I wanna take you on a trip cause I know that your ni**a boring, boring
Christian Dior scraping on the floor when we boarding, we boarding
Her booty roll and she go slow motion, I’m stroking, woah
There’s something bout you, you know you special, you golden, special
Smoking ganj like I’m Willy Nelson in Belgium, ganj
Like the handyman with the hammer, I nailed it, ayy
Come and ride with a G, fly than a falcon, ride
Hit it from the back, I must have landed a real one, nah
Pulled up in my Lamborghini when I’m outing, skrrt
You ni**a kept on cheating and I know you found him, woah
If you wanna keep it later, better keep your bread up, cash
I had her in my mansion, told her put her leg up, smash
Wrapped her in Chanel from her head up, Chanel
Girl, you just like an angel, did you come from heaven?

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