2 On lyrics

Sean Paul

[Verse 1: Kash Doll]
Wake up in the morning, give me head, n***a
Treat me like a queen, breakfast in the bed, n***a
Yeah, if you scared, call the rev, n***a
Thick b*t*h, so you better come prepared, n***a
Yeah, OT sh*t
I be in L.A popping bottles on the beach, sh*t
I'm so f**king G, we should call this sh*t the G mix
Kash Doll, Tinashe, baby, it's the remix!

[Chorus: Tinashe]
Let's roll
I love to get 2 on
Let's, let's, let's, roll
I love to get 2 on
I love to let's roll
I love to get 2 on
Let's, let's, let's, roll
I love to get 2 on
I love 2, let's, let's roll

[Verse 2: Kash Doll]
Kash Doll, with the ass out
Throw it back, make a grown n***a tap out (Uh)
f**k a baller, belly n***a, pull some racks out (Right)
If you ain't got no cash, n***a sit your ass down
Dang, all in a b*t*h face
Talking bout you bout to ball like, oh b*t*h, k
I'm with some bad b*t*hes
Type you never had b*t*hes
I might let you hit it, but you couldn't pay the tab, n***a (n***a)
[Verse 3: Tinashe]
If you a lame, n***a, you ain't making no noise
Get faded, turn up with the big boys
Live fast, die young, that's my choice
Get money, get money like an invoice
We can mob all in the whip
Make the money, make a grip
I be stuntin' with my clique
Getting faded 'till we trip (Oh)

[Outro: Tinashe]
Man, I love to get on
I love to get 2 on
When the drink be too strong
When the tree be way too strong

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