Gimmie The Light lyrics

Sean Paul

Just gimmie da light, yeah yeah
Just gimme da light, just gimme da light
Just gimmie da light, just gimme da light
Sean de Paul, yeah yeah yeah

Just gimmie da light and pass the dro
Bust another bottle a moe
Gal dem inna my sight and I got to know
Which one is gonna catch my flow
Cuz I'm inna di vibes I and I got my dough
Bust anotha bottle a moe
Gal dem lookin hype and I got to know

[Verse 1:]
Could I be your protector
Your buff in every sector
Every man around waan turn your inspector
But ya nah let dem sweat ya
No grill ya with no lecture
'Bout dem power drill
Nor dem fuel injector
Cause dem a infector, disease collector
Nuff a dem a gwan like dem waan come wreck ya
Done out da part weh you got inna ya center
But you know you nah let dem guy deh affect ya
Yo, yo, gyal

[Verse 2:]
One, two, three, four, five a dem
Situation gettin really live again
Gal dem waan fi hang out wit di players and di riders dem
Beside of dem, and dem say dem tired of the liars dem
Friars and connivers that will neva eva get inside of dem
Decliner dem, especially the money hider dem
Watchie Watchie gyal bout dem a try fi make a bride a dem
Denied again, some of dem a move like a spider man
Gyal dem say dem nah open wide again


[REPEAT Verse 1]


[REPEAT Verse 2]

[REPEAT Hook (2x)]

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