The Memories Remain lyrics

Sean Paul

[Intro - Dray]
Yeah, lets go deep, nah mean
Feel me on this one right here
Here we go, yo, follow me close

[Verse 1 - Dray]
Yo, if you take a look deep at my soul you see a fire burning
A higher learning, part the sea dog and I'm emerging
There was a time my life was all about a hot ride
Until my pops died turned my life lopside
If there was a way to bring you back nobody showed me one
You was my only pops, I'm still your only son
Disagreed a lot but kept love ahead of pride
Damn I wish I coulda said goodbye
So what I did was I asked the Lord to hold you down
Cause for the family dog imma hold you down
All in the same breath I thank the Lord for what I have
To y'all it might not be a lot but it's what I have
Indeed, I got mouths to feed without (a seed?)
A few hungry n***as thats down to bleed for me
See liggidy-life ain't always what it seems to be
But I'm focused now I'm right where I need to be

[Hook - Sean Paul]
Say when mi look up ina mi life its plain to see
Yo its never gonna be the same
Take another step on towards my destiny
But the memories still remain
Deep ina mi brain inna mi soul I hold the key
Yo it's never gonna be the same
Throughout all life and beyond all eternity
Yo I keep burnin up the flame
[Verse 2 - Dray]
Yo, yo
I miggidy-move in the frame of a calm cat
Mortal Kombat Yin and Yang one step beyond rap
I learned, things don't always go according to plan
So all in all for what it's worth I'm now a stronger man
I see life a lot clearer, still wish you was a lot nearer
I look at myself see visions of my pops in the mirror
It's wild, sometimes it hurts when I breathe
Like it hurt to know you never see the birth of my seed
You was there for my birth in the ps and to ya last breath
And made sure I had food and kept a address
Plus you knew I had a mind of my own
You taught me game and left the rest for me to find one my own
Now that I'm grown I envy you, one son two daughters
As long as I'm underneath the sun above the blue waters
Imma continue to move forwards and I'm not done
Til the world know exactly why I'm my pop's son

[Hook x1]

[Outtro - Sean Paul]
Keep burning uppa the flame
The flame, never gonna ever be the same
The same, keep burning uppa the flame
The flame, got memories will now remain
Remain, keep burning uppa the flame
The flame, never gonna ever be the same
The same, keep burning uppa the flame
The flame, till jah jah link we again
[Hook x1]

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