Sean Paul Genna Level lyrics

Sean Paul

And we hope to a little bit about
~~~~~~~ they would say saying i'm going to lead to a paper and would have done better and sent the thing flow cried ~~~~~~~ [UM]
[COUGH] neighbors had them last week have its we didn't go [UH]
And why died [UM] [SMACK]
They labor you've got good is it again with and it is so obese market
And so when i was a game god use up with these and i came from ~~~~~~~ my game like [UM] life game [COUGH] my finished

It was going read damn bit about the dry nowhere [COUGH] was
[SMACK] no no no
You know that what is does have been that was how have it is not got my work is [COUGH] whenever we don't want in margaret [UM] from
This was head
And i'm not [SMACK] going and had them
~~~~~~~ and i different that my boss were there had to go back get them he got that mobile is but

But here big global i had good up every line for a new times more ~~~~~~~ never but mean if they don't dummy decorate you [COUGH] this blink and i think
So [COUGH] got ~~~~~~~
I got i would not be it in it and that when i don't know
[UM] is we don't want to go to came from
Why did a bad thing ~~~~~~~ [UM] the [COUGH] one
You've got live goodness and i didn't know it

And so when i was other given god is it came from ~~~~~~~ blending thing last slide game
And i think [SMACK] who told me that it was a if you do know
~~~~~~~ [SMACK] not have gone so them it's my own never had demonstrate with never if we don't want to
[UM] and i'm a wide right but was had no no them
To happen and having [UM] last several god [COUGH] neighbors [SMACK] was to remember is we don't want to look at some point

Why don't i was
[SMACK] that i know that demonstrates yeah

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