Kush (Jamaican Remix) lyrics

Sean Paul

(Intro: I-Octane)
This different

[First Verse: I-Octane]
Hey di medz weh wi get from di bush
Still a hustle it, all when FIVE-O a look
Ina yard a high grade
But overseas seh wi call it kush,yeah
Mek wi tell yuh bout di best from west
Weh yuh bring pon di corner,yeah
Seh yuh wrap it ina $20 $50 or $100 bag, sell it on yah,yeah
Mi a gwaan like mi new to the ting, yeah
Mi a gwaan like mi fool to di ting
Mi brethren Bambino weh a pro to di ting
Roll it up and give mi haffi puff it, puff it
Head top just a float up
Wah catch mi breath, but mi can't catch mi breath, cause mi chest plate jus a choke up
Puff it, puff it again
Mi seh pass, him seh "no mi a puff it again"
Mi seh "yute, weh yu get it?"
Him seh trust him go trust it
Mi seh any weh yuh trust it, gwaan go trust it again
[Second Verse: Busy Signal]
(hothead, hothead)
I'm into shipping, handling, and I deliver
Big up all Westmoreland farming
Food fi di brain no farming
Police smell di grade, siren start alarming,(siren sounds)
My grade anuh di same
Look up ina di sky, you see me, not the plane, go up!
Higher than di T- to di Pain, (ah!)
Think a lie, the I can ask I-Octane, yeah
Pass me the herbs
It good fi glaucoma, asthma and nerves
Ina di ghetto, brain feel like it up ina one a di hill, in di suburb
Fly high like di eagle, higher than the rest of birds,heh
Officer nuh bother charge mi
Mi supplied by the Squady and the Sargy
Ina mi brain, the herbs a massage mi
Mi and di grades and the wizzler is a army

[3rd Verse: DJ Bambino aka Trevor Off-Key]
Originate in Jamaica
Stay ina Miami smell di fumes to the vapour
When wi send it out pon di freighter
Feds burst the box and all dem find is rolling paper,yeah
Real grades, anuh fake-ah
Talking bout di Marley, not the white snowflake-ah,yeah
Wi have it ina every flavour
Ina every colour
Taking over every acre
[4th Verse: Spragga Benz]
Well di green and brown and chocolate mek mi brain stain yow
Di orange and purple mek mi brain look like a rainbow
Nuff grades weh ina di world, but them nuh burn the same though
Di 'mack of ikya' better than the 'high joe'
Then the African, Indica and the 'Westmoreland bum' charge mi up
Take it out pon the gyal dem, zoom, zoom
Gone ina di hills, but anuh coffee, a 'jah bloom' mi go for
I alla fill a container,den
One a mi limky come from Naggos Head
Gimme a draw, but it wasn't longspread
You know some $20 bag weh full a stick like tread
Make you hungry, make you mash up all a crackers an bread
Mi build it up, but mi couldn't light that
Although the 'red herring grabber' did hot
Highest mi puff, you know mi level nah drop
It haffi organic an fertilized by the rat-bat

[5th Verse: Sean Paul]
Strictly high grade wi a blaze it
Ina di country pipe or dream wi nah taste it
No cocaine, you know seh dat, wi nah lace it
S to di P boil it dung ina di oil
Now put it ina yuh food an taste it
Lick off yuh face with
Give jah jah praise with
Nuff a dem a complain seh mi get crazy
Like dem never know seh nothing can't phase mi
Quick purle liaise mi
Hey yow, pill them a tek an them a run up ina death
Like dem never know high grade mek mi brain set
Yow nuff a dem a fret
Dem a get upset
Cause them can't fly high like S.P.-lia jet
Up, up, up ina di sky, mi nah come back yet
And you nah fi ask why, take you money and bet
I'm high baby
And mi full a joy baby
If you can't see me, then look ina di sky
[6th Verse: Collie Buddz]
Superman ina the building
When mi get high mi a fly up to di ceiling,yeah
There's nothing like the 'boom draw'
Mr. Officer nuh tell mi seh mi can't,yeah
Get high like mi want to
Roll up a spliff a di kush
Thats weh mi wah do,yeah
Pocket dun ina di paper
Build di spliff tall like "Reiarch? skyscraper
And I get so high, high, highhha, highhhhh

I know yuh tryna get high
(cough, cough)

[Collie Buddz)
So take a draw, take a puff, take a whiff a this
High grade, kush

Mi haffi puff it, puff it
Head top just a float up
Wah catch mi breath, but mi can't catch mi breath, cause mi chest plate jus a choke up
Puff it, puff it

(cough cough)

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