Tell Me More lyrics

Sean Paul

[Intro: Isley]
Wo-woo yaaay
Wo-woo yaaay

[Chorus: Isley]
I hear you talking boy come on and tell me more
I wanna hear all of the things you have in store
So tell me moooore
So tell me moooore
I hear you talking boy come on and tell me more
You got me all worked up with all this back and forth
So tell me moooore
Yeah yeah yeah what you be talking bout?
So tell me moooore

[Verse 1: Sean Paul]
Well good morning baby girl, hope you feelin' okay
Got alot of things that I woulda love say
Like gyal your body ready and mi love how it stay
And I woulda send you a ticket fi come a JA
We plan togеther we can make an еscape
And maybe we can even make a porno tape
Me ready when you ready so just fling it up straight
A long time me tell you say badman a no bait

[Pre - Chorus: Sean Paul x Isley]
Girl me want you fi fling it up girl... Boy take it slowly
Give it up girl...You fix me only
Me want you fi fling it up girl
If you tell me more... What I'll do

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