ICE lyrics

Sean Paul

I really like the colors and the shapes that our love makes
I like the you make my body and my bed shake
And the way you eat me like a piece of angel cake
You're a man that has to give if he’s gonna take, (ooh)
I, don't wanna play it cool
I'm no good at being smooth
But I got ice on my neck
And I’m feeling like a new girl
I got ice, I got
With my legs around your neck
Got you feeling like a true man
And I can take you deeper
Promise that it won't hurt
Baby take off your shirt
If you listen closely
You can hear me brеathing
In and out it's your name
In junior high I used to cry that boys all hated my sizе
Never new that one day I would love my thick thighs
Or find a man that likes me best under the sunlight
I don't have to try to hide my cellulite
I, don't wanna

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