She So lyrics

Sean Paul

Watch it, make the gyal dem show dem how fi do this
Wid a bang bang boom boom flick
Gyal when you whine up pon it
Tack tick tack tick
Love when you whine and split
Love how you get man caught up
Look how the engine start up
Girl just show me that trick
Back flick back flick, that is it, that is it

This girl is the badess she gon' let me have it
I already know-oh oh oh (firm that)
She doing gymnastics, bending over backwards
Up and down upon that pole (drop it low)
She is so acrobatic when she boom it and she bam it
Turn around man catch dem panic
Cause she so acrobatic
Me say she so acrobatic when she boom it and she bam it
Turn around man catch high gothic
Cause she so acrobatic

[Verse 1]
So no matter what's thе cause, I'mma make it rain
Baby iam the boss, put you on a salary
Pеnny for ur thoughts take away my pain
When i move that body just shake it up
Baby girl don't be afraid

[Verse 2]
Girl you make man get crazy nuh
For months and weeks and days you know
Whine up your body and shake it up
All the man them say you too dangerous
Them have to call ambulance
Because your body it give them turbulence
Tip pon your toe gyal unbalance
Make man head hot like mad ant


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