Uptown Haters Skit lyrics

Sean Paul

Hey, what's up, man? A big rave going on tonight, so now you rolling with me?
There are no raves in Jamaica, my friend, whatcha talkin' 'bout
No, they're carryin' in this guy from Ibiza, man
The guy from Ibiza?
Yeah, it goin' to be, it goin' to be off the hook
The last time you guys tried to get me to go to a rave, I ended up at-
No, this time-
Some dancehall likkle ting
It's glow sticks, it's goin' to be off the hook to work
Mathieu, Mathieu, the last time you spoke to me about a rave, it was dancehall, it was Sean Paul
No, they're goin' to have girls in cages doin' up but it's not-
Dutty, dutty yeah, it's some rubbish on the stage, jumpin' up and down and it was total foolishness
It's not what you're thinkin' Sharky
You know I'm not into dancehall
No, but Sharky this time
And I really, I really wish you'd not try to trick me to goin' to these dancehall event that you got because I'm not into the dancehall
I'm not tryin' to trick you, it's-
And you know that I believe dancehall is rubbish, right? Rubbish
It's a rave
I'm not goin' to allow you to fool me into gettin' to go to another dancehall event
Sharky, just hear me. It's a rave, no
There is no more of me going to dancehall events
Every, every
There are no raves, you are not going to fool me, again
Everything you like, you hear?
Ever, alright? No more, it's rubbish

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