One Life lyrics

Sean Paul

Yow yow yow yow!
Some bwoy don't never learn
Never learn
Skin a burn... skin a burn!
Yow yow!
Wah me tell dem

[Verse 1:]
Some bwoy don't never learn...
Tell dem put dung di gun cah nuff man skin a burn
But dem still pick it up back, like dem don't give a f**k, dem nah tek nuh chat
Nuff a dem don't concern
Fi nuh like none at all, dem a hustle hard, money got de herb
Like dem tick a wrong turn
Talk, wi a talk all de truth an bun dem out
Some gyal nah live life right
Fleet an' fly off tek new man, every nite
An a suh gyal fi live dem lives
Cah nuh man nah guh wuk an' tek dem as wife
Some a move like parasites
An' a dem mouth dem out everyting unda my sight
Dis world fi open his eyes...

We only got one life
Believe it-live it, careful how you lead it-lead it
Writings on de wall an wanna know if you can read it-read it
Life... believe it-live it, careful how you lead it-lead it
Writings on de wall an wanna know if you can read it read it

[Verse 2:]
Politician an' pastah...
Some a dem good fi lead, some a cause a disastah
Dat's why we nah lissen dem speech
Cah none a dem practicin' what dem preach
Like money a di mastah
If a dat dem a praise den dem nah guh last yah
We hear de everlasta
Talk wi a talk 'bout de truth an bun dem out
All a hoe[?] ex-dawtah[?]
An' a cause bare pain pon Jah sons an daughta
Dat turn mi eye watah
Fi see de piepl dem a live up in a bare blood boatyah[?]
Man fi change dem pathyah
Stop lead all di innocent lamb to di slaughta
Earthquake gwain startyah...


[Verse 3:]
Dis world on pollution
It a kill off de yutes, an a cause confusion
Climate an di atmosphere, global warrin an dem don't care
Nuff a live inna illusion
Every bam weh yuh drop man a hurt batta bruise an
Dere ain't nuh solution
Nuh job, nuh money, nuh food is diffusion
Dere ain't nuh excuse man
Cah di so called bigga headz a gwaan like a lose man
An a sell out de yute man dem
Issue dem gun fi shoot up dem frien
From a life yuh a choose man
Dem try put yuh foot inna a neks man shoes an
Follow dis conclusion...

The world need to open his eyes...
The world need to open his eyes...

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