John Lindahl

"All Day"

I don't know man
I'ma just say it, yeah
Watch this

[Verse 1]
What's up? What good? Tell me what it is
Young and 22‚ we gon' do it for the kids
Everybody probably saying "John where you been?"
In the studio‚ now I'm bout to show 'em what I did like
Sound like Michael in that white coat (Hee-hee)
God damn‚ he be drumming like it's Taiko (Duh-duh-duh)
Where my mic though cause I gotta write more
When I made the beat, yeah this made my neck go
Hey ya, baby come hither
When I come through I keep it smooth like I'm Dilla
Shorty tell me that she wanna taste my vanilla
Step into the plate like she a home run hitter
Smoking that gas‚ smoking that patch, never the same flow
I got the cash, got an advance‚ still gotta grind though
Know how to dance, moving like Breezy at the free throw
Look at my feet though, shout out Johnny Rico

Oh I don't know what you're gonna say
I'm working all day
Hey, and waking up in the morning
I gotta know, are you gonna wait for me whenever I am away?
I just wanna make it through
Everybody let me hear you say!
Oh (Keep saying!)
Oh (Let me hear you say)
Oh, oh, oh
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