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"f*ck The Doubters"

Shoutout Mohamedissavage
Shoutout Lil Brace
KidKeva made the beat
Let’s go ZaddyOc
f*ck the doubters, f*ck the doubters

I make a wave – no ocean
Red dot for your motion
Ashy boy knee some lotion
They hit me up for promotion
I’m flyin’ up like a jet
Home Run like the Mets
Lift off like Mike
You be strapped like a dike
Call me Thunder - ‘boutta strike
She gon ride like a bike
Big goals in sight
Foreign b*tch from Paris
She get lifted like ferris
Took your b*tch and no sorrys
‘Bout my Bucks like Jabari
They trynna gass on my flow
Bakery and I got the dough
Bank account ‘boutta blow
New house and that b*tch is sold
Mohamed put it down like iced tea
Kickin’ sh*t like Bruce Lee
Zaddy, this is a new me
Clear water, call it Fiji
Breakin’ necks when they see me
Too much green like Luigi
All the haters be cappin’
Skrt off in a Aston
Talkin’ down you get erased
We are stars - we outer space
Ride or Die shoutout Lil Brace
They can’t find me like memo
Down south like Rio
You goin’ down no Leo
You know I come with the fashion
You know I’m ‘bout to cash in
Now ballin’ be the passion
Hard work and you know I’m splashin’
All they do is talk
Big money, big stocks
Presidation on the clock
Preyin’ on you like hawk
They say I’m actin’ mean
But I never changed
My bro he bought a range
Now they act all strange
Worldwide like WiFi
You a rainbow-like tie die
Y’all fake like Sci-Fi
You greasy like 5 guys

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