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"In Fatherhood [Tracklist + Album Art]"


1. Douchebag
2. Lightweight
3. No Chill
4. Graco
5. Blasé
6. Plate
7. God Don't Make You Crazy ft. Tonyo Cuffee
8. Heartbreak ft. Sarah Juers
9. Got Someone ft. Squint
10. Ain't This Life Perfect ft. Andy Mineo
11. Activate ft. Charlie Powers
12. You're Okay ft. Abiv
13. Tribe ft. Chocolate Babies
14. Yvette's Call
15. We Gon' Make It Out ft. Gracy
16. Protect Ya' Life
17. Baby Daddy ft. Kyra De'nae

Album Artwork:

Tracklist Artwork:

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