Suite Clownesque II lyrics

T.S. Eliot


Each with a skirt just down to the ancle
Everybody is under age
Three on a side and one in the centre
(Who would venture to be a dissenter)
Hello people!
People, hello!
Just while they linger shaking a finger
Perched on stools in the middle of the stage

“We’ve started out to take a walk
Each in a simple hat and gown,  
Seven little girls run away from school
Now for a peek about the town.
Here’s a street car—let’s jump in
Oh see the soldiers—let’s descend.
When you’re out for an afternoon  
Find somebody with money to spend.

But we’re perplexed.
Hello people!
Yes indeed we’re fearfully vexed;
People, hello!
In trying to construe this text:
‘Where shall we go to next?’”

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