T.S. Eliot
Suite Clownesque III

If you’re walking down the avenue,
Five o’clock in the afternoon,
I may meet you
Very likely greet you
Show you that I know you;

If you’re walking up Broadway
Under the light of the silvery moon,
You may find me
All the girls behind me,
Euphorion of the modern time
Improved and up to date—sublime
Quite at home in the universe
Shaking c*cktails on a hearse.
It’s Broadway after dark!
Here let a clownesque be sounded
on the sandboard and bones.

If you’re walking on the beach;
You hear everyone remark
Look at him!
You will find me looking them over
When the girls are ready for a swim
Just out of reach
First born child of the absolute
Neat, complete,
In the quintessential flannel suit.
I guess there’s nothing the matter with us !
—But say, just be serious,
Do you think that I’m all right?