T.S. Eliot
Murder In Cathedral
Does the bird sing in the South?
Only the sea-bird cries, driven inland by the storm.
What sign of the spring of the year?
Only the death of the old: not a stir, not a shoot, not a breath.
Do the days begin lengthen?
Longer and Darker the day, shorter and colder the night.
Still and Stifling the air: but a wind is stored up in the East.
The starved crow sits in the field, attentive and in the wood
The owl rehearses the hollow note of death.
What signs of a bitter spring?
The wind stored up in the east.
What, at the time if the birth of Our Lord at Christmastide,
Is there not peace upon the earth, goodwill among men?
The peace of world is always uncertain, unless men keep the peace of god.
And war among men defiles this world, but death in the lord renews it,
And the world must be cleaned in the winter or we shall have only.
A sour spring, a parched summer, and empty harvest.
Between Christmas and Easter what work shall be done.
The ploughman shall go out in March and turn the same earth.
He shall turned before the bird shall sing the same song.
When the leaf is out on the tree, when the elder and may
Burst over the stream and the air is clear and high,
and voices trill at windows, and children tumble in front of the door,
What work shall have been done, what wrong
Shall the bird's song cover, the