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(?At the present moment I?m not recording I?m not on tour and I never had a song go to number one on Beatport. I?ve never been featured on Junodownload or Track-it-down. I?ve never released vinyl. But what I do know is that I?ve been listening to electronica for many years, and I have every right to speak my mind against the fabricated music that is being released on a daily basis, it?s absolutely appalling. All these people think that, if you?re on the Beatport top ten, you?re making something out of yourself, well you?re making a mockery out of electronic music. I?m a producer, and I come from the underground, and I?m quite frankly, I?m sick and tired. And I?m here to go on these rants on message boards, because I know I will never amount to anything, and I need to make myself feel better. So when I?m not high on cocaine, I will sit in front of this computer til the cows come home. And continue ranting and raving about artists that are actually living out their dream ?cause I never will.?)

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