Are You Not Afraid? lyrics


[Verse 1: Shotty Horroh]
Somebody fill my cup while I keep this reefer burnin'
Come f**k my mood up, I hope you do need to speak on somethin'
You can sleep on me but your deathbed is the sheets and covers
I mean if you beef then the repercussion's the reaper's caution
f**k 'em, tell your favorites I'm a league above 'em
I put that on every piece of pu**y that my p*n*s bust in
Lord, I think I can hear them demons call me
Christ, they're trynaa cross me like the Jesus somethin'
That's a super bad look, rappers seem to be McLovin
Sayin' Horroh's weak and then ask for a f**king feature from him
I f**k your b*t*h when I see your woman
If she doesn't know me, I'll tell her I'm Justin Bieber's cousin

Are you not perhaps afraid of what might happen?

[Verse 2: Shotty Horroh]
They could never call me ordinary
What? f**k 'em, with one foot in the mortuary
They said that hip-hop's dead, I hit them all to get it
Put it on my back and I don't even think the corpse is heavy
Tell them stupid cartoon rappers Tutankhamun's back
I'm 2Pac with his juice back
A zoot wrap, two straps, a Hail Mary two track
b*t*h, I'll kill us all if you don't move back
Kamikaze, I find it hard giving half a sh*t
Narcissist, I guarantee I've got a larger d**k
This f**king groupie tried to send me to the bar for drinks
I told that thirsty b*t*h, "Here's a yard of p*ss you could hardly lift"
Bob Marley spliff will put me where the martians live
I use a couple bloodclaat yaadis as my pharmacist

What might happen?

[Verse 3: Shotty Horroh]
b*t*hes like kick flips (Yay), all up on my gnarly tricks
And they just wanna blow me like some broken Sega cartridges
I led my hyenas to the deer’s blood
Not a strong enough for bringing me a werewolf
I've got a big old gang to get it cleared up
Trip and lead your sisters to leaking liquid from tear ducts
Keep on giving that weird look, you'll get hit with this beer cup
Bully b*t*h stomp her head, if you're full of sh*t, you appear tough
You're nothing here to our motherf**kers in here
Don't suck a d**k, you come near, you'll get f**kin' kicked in your beer gut
Victims in fear when I put a couple whispers in ears
Man, enough f**kin' kittens in here, tell them pu**y whiskers get sheared up
Mother, cousins, and peers but they not heard from you for years
'Cause we get cut and chopped, then we clear up
Bloods, innards, and smeared guts
Sufferin' succotash
Took an upper-class sl*t mother back to f**k her while her son was in a rugby match
You in the club, turnin' up, doing the dougie dance
I'm at your crib, choking a b*t*h with her underpants

Are you not perhaps afraid of what might happen?
Are you not perhaps afraid of what might happen?

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