The Intro lyrics


I'm comin through the back door /like sum shady dealings n/ i dnt give a f**k bout you n***as feelins / sko n deadmau5 n we can to kill emm/ this my rookie tape im reachin/ for da ceiling I came to steal da game /hands to da ceiling been posted n/ da cut now they all feel emm all these /n***as actin b*t*h yea they all feelins I'm /goin foe dey head cap pealin lookin like /you've been misled yea I kno that feelin /beatin on my chest guerrilla n mah field/blockin all these hoez n/ n***as like computer spam they sayin/ pour me a cup u got da juice you da man/ I'm like naw im jus here livin n da land/ tryin to make it for my fam to live better man/ this jus real n***a sh*t i hope you understand that/ I didn't ask to take ya spot it was givin / I accepted so I reachin for da top/ my hustle will never stop my name written on da block/ n***as screamin that they hot /got da num 1 spot im like plzzzz n***a/ stop who's been tellin you your hot/ I didn't jus get here I been n da game I was on da side buildin creating my lane it's f**kin hi sko not aimin fa fame /im jus da messenger wit a prophecy mane n I'm here to tell we r not the Same no im not an alien im not lil wane ima tru hustla pitchin them thangs i get it off everyday yea even in rain n***a /f**k wit mah doe /spray emm like rain/ got da game locked tight got this sh*t tamed /ain't no lettin lose im controlin the reigns /how I speak on my self they like your so vain your /confusin confidence wit c*ckiness mane I jus/ speak it how it is dont play no games wit the lames/ you wouldn't kno bout that guess its a Inglewood thang

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