Snowcone (Remix) lyrics


If you looking for a crown, you must be looking at the top of my head
Halo attached, two horned sharpening, but if you don't see what I see
You're just truth-blind and eyes see what the media feeds
Open up, breath the air you supposed to breath
Open up, breath the air you supposed to breath
Your lungs are toxicated, your mind is blundering
Your tongue feels numb and your legs all stumbling
I got 99 problems and this b*t*h be one
But everything got solved when this b*t*h got robbed
I'm like, hold on, I've been walking with insanities
Bunch of crackpotted, narrow minded, blood sucking parasites
Where the f**k are you when I'm just trying to make it local
You tell your friends you know me, show our pictures just to look cool
OMG. It's the Jack' Styles. Can I get an selfie with him? Can I play with his javelin too?
Never b*t*h. I'm busy preaching gospel through my vocals, I'm the miracle this industry is afraid of
The media remains shut, but theres a hundred doors to open
I could sell my soul but the devil sold his soul to Roshan
Thus the eye remains shut, Politicians you're next
Bunch of white dressed clowns, frightening to confess
Black money here
Black money there
Fap money here?
Fap money there?
Black money where?
Feed the poor, that's all we ask for
Feed the motherland, that's all we work for
But we busy blindfolded cooking for the government while half of us don't even know the name of our president
Problem is, we don't retire even though we tired
The bullsh*t keeps piling up and we friendly fire
Most artists here talk about setting an example
With the support they own and receive
At-least I could say, I did it myself
Jack' Styles. Remember the name
Cuz you could never suck me when I'm gone

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